One Day Tour in Qeshm

Qeshm is the biggest Iranian island located in the south of Iran in the Persian Gulf in this tour we visit main natural spots of Qeshm Geopark in one day and it last 8 hours. Lets take a look at this tour in Qeshm:

People have mixed culture from different nationalities such as Arabic, Portuguese, South African, and British that came from past decades

In this tour we drive around Qeshm island and  tourists will see the main attractions on the island including (Chahkooh canyon, stars valley, mangroves, caves, Naz islands, old village of Laft) also in this tour you will see how people survived using water storage and how to ran away from heat by Badgirs (windcatchers) and usually  groups of camels on the street and how Qeshmi women cover their face with traditional mask.

Tour in Qeshm highlights:  

  1. Chahkooh canyon
  2. Traditional ship factory
  3. Mangroves forests
  4. Stars valley
  5. Naz islands
  6. Khorbass caves
  7. old laft village
  • Departure Time
    by 9:15 AM
  • Return Time
    Approximately 5:30 PM.


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