Qeshm Island Tour

Qeshm Island Tour description

Since Qeshm island is a big island and there is a lot to see so our team provide a tour which you can see more on this beautiful Iranian island in two days. In addition to see main tourist spots of Qeshm island such as Stars valley, Chahkooh canyon, Mangroves, Khorbass caves, Naz islands, Laft village, we will go for dolphin watching in the south of Qeshm island near Hengam island and then we have a short trip to Hengam Island to see the beach bazaar where locals sell their handcrafts things . you will enjoy walking throw the largest salt cave in the world  (Namakdan cave) in the south-west of the island and virgin beaches where you can swim in clean ocean .


  • Khorbass caves
  • Stars valley
  • Naz islands
  • Dolphin watching
  • Mangroves forests
  • Laft village
  • Traditional ship factory
  • Chahkooh canyon
  • Salt cave (Namakdan)


Tips for Tourists in Iran

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Available departures

Each day takes about 8 hours and is all over the island.

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This tour is repeated every week on multiple days.


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