Kal-Kela Night Excursion

Tour Description:

A desert tour – Enjoy a thrilling safari drive in one of the famous deserts of Iran in a 4WD vehicle! Take a 4-wheel drive vehicle with your safari guide and go on an exciting desert drive. Experience the famous sand dunes of the Mesr desert and get a chance to encounter some of the desert animals including camels, gazelles and birds.

Exclusive Offer:

You can share your tour fees with 3 others (Maximum 4 people in each car)

What to Expect:

A wonderful night excursion in a small valley called Kal Kela (valley of the crows)! You will enjoy drinking hot Persian tea while sitting beside an enchanting fire made out of dried shrubs of the desert. Take your time watching thousand of stars and drowning in the magic silence of desert .

Important Information :

  1. You can share the tour fees with your fellow travelers and other adventurers (if possible).
  2. Maximum 4 people in each car

What is included:

  1. Pick up from/Drop off in Mesr village
  2. Off-road vehicle transportation
  3. Local guide
  4. Persian/Herbal tea

What is excluded:

  1. Meals (Can be added by extra fees)

Tour duration :

It takes just 2 hours.

Additional Information :

  1. Desert night camp or extending tour duration to see more areas is possible (Extra Fees)
  2. Sunrise/Sunset watching is available
  3.  To customize your own tour, please contact us for tailor-made options

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Price is for one vehicle of 4 person capacity.

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