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Qeshm Travel – Day 4 & 5

A New Day Has Come!

Last hours and minutes in the lovely Qeshm island have come. As I mentioned at the beginning of my trip, it takes about one day to reach from Isfahan to Qeshm, So I decided to write these last two days in one post. I have left my guest house in Suza and went to two remained points in Qeshm. First Star Valley and second Khorbas Caves. Let’s go!

Star Valey

Star Valley - Qeshm Island

Another amazing landmark in the Qeshm Geopark. Locals have some legendary and even scary beliefs about this valley. They think this valley is created by a star collision and also it is impossible and sometimes forbidden to stay here after sunset. They also say that ghosts and elves moving here during the night. But in fact, this valley is created because of wind and rain erosion for millions of the years. On the way from Suza to Qeshm, you can reach this point after passing Borka Khalaf village. There are two paths for visiting Valley. You can go inside the valley or go up after a little bit of hiking.

Useful Tips

Bring with yourself a bottle of water, sunglasses and also a cap. At noon it could be hot and also on a windy day, it could be misty. Be cautious, you may get lost in this valley so don’t be adventurous and pay attention to No Entry signs. Do not close to the edges, you may downfall due to landslides.

Star Valley - Qeshm IslandStar Valley – Qeshm Island

Star Valley - Qeshm Island
Star Valley – Qeshm Island

Toward Next Point – Khorbas Cave

One of the most attractive places you must visit when you travel to Qeshm. Some tourists believe here is a time-wasting point, but visiting ancient places is interesting for me. The winding structure of the cave in the middle of the mountains beside its view toward a vast field make you wonder why this place was made? what was the use of it? The latest studies have revealed that this cave was considered as a site for worshipping God around 2000 years ago. Apparently, this cave had religious application for Iranian people who had settled in Qeshm Island. This magnificent place is located 15 km far from Qeshm city. After passing the gates you should climb the mountain through steps from which you can approach the cave.

khorbas Cave - Qeshm Island
Outside view of Khorbas cave
khorbas Cave - Qeshm Island
Khorbas Cave – Inside the cave
khorbas Cave - Qeshm Island
Khorbas Cave – Inside the cave landscape

Rainbow Island – Hormuz

Today I am going to leave Qeshm to Hormuz. After reaching Zakeri port in Qeshm city, I took a boat to Hormuz. You can also reach Hormuz island from Bandar-e Abbas, Haqqani port. It’s near noon and I have just reached the Hormuz. I haven’t enough time but Hormuz is a real wonderland. Checking for tomorrow flights from Bandar-e Abbas to Isfahan. Yes, that’s it. there is a flight for 3 p.m. It’s obvious, stay in Hormuz for one night! There are some local cafe and restaurants with delicious seafood. For the first time in my life, I ate fried fish marinated with special red soil.

Edible Soil – Is it possible?

Hormuz is a rainbow island and a center of geological wonders where you can extract a kind of edible soil called ‘guelac’ [little mud] from the heart of its red mountains and use it as a spice in the preparation of foods and sauces. This beautifully colored soil has a special place in the native foods of the island. It is used in many seafood recipes and even in a local bread called “Tomoshi”. It must be mixed with water first and left to settle. Then, the resulting red water is mixed with the salt extracted from the same mountains and used in the preparation of a local sauce which constitutes the basis of many dishes here. It is a major complimentary ingredient in cooking local foods on Hormuz.

Hormuz Local food with edible soil
Hormuz Local food with edible Soil
Another Local seafood in Hormuz
Another Local seafood in Hormuz

Environmental Arts

I had this chance to have a tangible experience of living and communicating with some of the indigenous artists who were trained by Dr.Nadalian the artist who spent his life on the enlightenment of the modern and traditional societies through the environmental issues and especially environmental art. His preoccupations with teaching around the world and helping every single girl to promote their state of life and thought were something which I always admire.

Forget what you read about Hormuz before, Try it! If you are interested in art, especially environmental arts, I will strictly recommend you Dr.Nadalian art museum. You can easily arrange and handle your trip plan and ask for sightseeing tours. The previous link is a complete reference for traveling Hormuz. Hi,Deh! also recommended Hormuz island Tour. This wonderful island has valleys and cave and colorful soil. There are some handcraft stores where you can buy this colorful soil in special bottles! There is a local vehicle similar to Tuk Tuk. You can hire one of them and take a tour around the island. It usually takes about one full day to visit the most important points of Hormuz.

Nadalian Museum
Nadalian Museum
Entrance of museum
Entrance of museum
Hormuz gratify - Environmental art
Hormuz gratify – Environmental art

The last three Points!

Hormuz is a small island and you can find and read information about this points easily. Just google it! So I don’t waste your time with extra explanations. These three points except the museum I mentioned before, are The valley of statues, silence valley, and rainbow valley. A picture is worth a thousand words. I don’t talk more, just one thing before ending the last part of my Qeshm travel is this, Qeshm (generally south of Iran including other islands) in spring and especially summer is really hot. Don’t forget your sunglasses, a bottle of water, suitable sunscreen cream and hiking boots and finally take care of yourself in valleys especially in the valley of statues.

Rainbow valley - Hormuz
Rainbow valley – Hormuz
Silence valley - Hormuz
Silence valley – Hormuz
The one tree - Hormuz
The one tree – Hormuz
The valley of statues - Hormuz
The valley of statues – Hormuz
The valley of statues - Hormuz
The valley of statues – Hormuz

Back to Home!

It’s near noon of the fifth day and I have to come back to Bandar-e Abbas airport before 1:30 P.M. I still can’t forget the stunning moments of living with all those artist girls and women who wore neat colorful dresses. An amazing experience of traditional foods and visiting outstanding geological sites of Qeshm island made this journey an extraordinary one.

The End
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