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Music therapy or Zar ritual

What is Zar Ritual?

Zar ritual is a kind of exorcism (or somehow conjuring) with focus on music therapy. One can even consider it as a mystic ritual. Participants try to drive the sinister winds out of the person who has been trapped. This is done by playing music, singing local songs and continuous clapping. In the cultures of the Horn of Africa and adjacent regions of the Middle East, Zār (Arabic: زار‎, Ge’ez: ዛር) is the term for a demon or spirit assumed to possess individuals, mostly women, and to cause discomfort or illness. The so-called zār ritual or zār cult is the practice of exorcizing such spirits from the possessed individual. read more on the wiki.

How can someone attend in Zar Ritual?

You can be a part of this unique experience while traveling to the south of Iran, Qeshm Island. Read more about Zar Ritual in Qeshm Travel – Day 2. Experiencing such a creative tour with our expert advisors and enjoy your travel to Iran.
There are other tours available in Qeshm island that you can join. For more information read Hormuz Island Tour and Qeshm Island Tour.

Also, there are many lovely accommodations in Qeshm island you can search and book easily.

Read Before coming!

Hi,Deh! team prepared an episodic travel itinerary about Qeshm Island and explain about Zar ritual. Get in touch with us on Whatsapp our send us an email to plan a Creative Experience. Also, you can read more about our beautiful country in Iran Travel Blog.

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2 years ago

hi dude, how can book such a tour like this?
thank you


[…] Just seafood, fresh fish and shrimps which are fried or barbecued with traditional and local spices are available. You have to order it 2-3 hours before noon and for lunch, it will be ready. We ate lunch at the guesthouse and took a nap and got ready for Zar Ritual ceremony. […]