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Yazd is a city in central Iran and the capital of the Yazd province. It is an ancient city dating back to the Sassanian Period (224-651 AD).

Get in
Yazd is located midway between Isfahan and Kerman, 689 km (427 miles) south east of Tehran. Yazd is well connected to the rest of the country by planes, trains, and buses.

+By bus
From the bus station, take a local bus (the bus stop is by a little white hut on the highway in front of the main bus station) to the local bus station, then another to the bazaar. This is in the centre of town; from here you can find your hotel. Recently there are many touts around the bus station. They present themselves are ordinary taxi drivers, but work on a commission basis for the many hotels in Yazd. Some offer you a lift without money and drive you to the hotel where they anticipate most commission. Make sure to make clear, you only accept free transportation without obligations (Jan 2017).

From Shiraz: several companies, several departures a day around 6h, VIP ticket around 15-20 kTomans. Prices vary. Tourists are overcharged and tricked into paying double the prices given here (Jan 2017).
From Tehran: several companies, several departures a day from 7PM, usually takes around 9 or 10 hours. VIP ticket around IRR 450,000
+By plane
There are international flights to Dubai and Damascus and daily flights to Tehran.

Get around
By foot
Most places in the old town are within easy walking distance from each other.

By bus
Local buses are also available. A single trip costs 5,000 rials. [Sep 2017]

By taxi
Taxis are inexpensive if you can agree about a local price, but many try to overcharge tourists. Motorcycle taxis are another fast and cheap way to move around the city but -as in the case of car taxis- make sure to settle on a price beforehand. Recently there have been cases of taxi drivers, who hassle passengers by at the end of the trip demanding more money than was agreed. One even kept the doors locked and refused to let me go.

Country Iran
Languages spokenPersian (Farsi) - English
Currency usedEuro - U.S Dollor - Rial

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