Is Iran Safe?

Is Iran Safe?

Hmmm … It’s challenging to talk about your country and whether it is safe or not! So, let’s see what others said about Iran’s safety.

Who said?

Diana Lesko has been in Iran recently. She’s a travel blogger with the name The Globetrotting Detective. She writes and shares stories about her solo trip to Iran and this is what she wrote about Iran’s safety:


I believe Iran is one of the most or even could be the most misunderstood country in the whole world. Iran is the perfect example for how the media and the politicians brainwash everyday people. 🤨 I realized that already a long time ago when I started travelling the world. Therefore, I stopped wasting my time with reading newspapers and listening to the news ages ago. 😎 That means that I have literally no idea what information you get from the above mentioned channels about Iran and Iranians. But I can imagine based on the ideas people have about them. 🤔

female solo traveling

I can can only give you the perspective of the female solo traveler. I’m not gonna talk about politics as I have literally no idea about and no interest in politics. Okey, maybe two things: Trump hates Iran and Iran will be most probably subjected to more sanctions. Anyways, it’s not my expertise. I can only talk about what it feels to be in Iran and about people in Iran. İran is the safest country ever. I felt totally at home everywhere in Iran. I could hang out everywhere on my own and feel absolutely comfortable. And Iranian people? 🧐

Female Solo Travelling

Female Solo Travelling

What are Iranians like?

People in Iran are so rich. They are rich in history, culture, natural resources, but most and foremost in kindness and generosity❤️❤️❤️ Generally, I have the experience that people are nice and kind all around the world. But in Iran, it’s another story. People in Iran are the friendliest, the kindest, the most generous, the most respectful, the most warm-hearted, the most polite, the most honest, the most humble, the most tactful, the most considerate, the most helpful people and the most open to visitors, I’ve ever met in my life during my travels. 😘 And to experience that it was an absolute privilege! 💓 I will collect all the stories that I have from Iran in the next couple of days so that you can understand what exactly I mean. Stay tuned!!!! 🤗 #ILoveIran ❤️

Read more about Diana experience here.

So, What’s your Iran Travel Experience? Share with others.

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