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Tips for Tourists in Iran

Iran Travel Blog believes Iran (Persia) has been One of the best choices for every type of tourists due to being the home to the world’s oldest civilizations and the big diversity in matters of the landscape, also. In addition, the architecture in Iran is another highlight that absorbs travelers from all over the world! But before traveling to Iran consider some tips for tourists that would be helpful to you.

Iran travel Blog recommends considering these tips:

  • Visa on Arrival is available for most nationalities but US, UK, Canadian citizens, and some other countries.

For detailed information about Visa policy of Iran please visit its page on Wikipedia.

Iran Travel Blog recommends you checking with the Iranian embassy in your country for the procedure to apply for a visa and visit E-Visa page to get more information about Electronic Visa by Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You could also read some travel advice for US citizens, UK citizens, and Canadian citizens.

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  • ِDress Laws – I do not waste your time! search “hijab in Iran” to get more information about it. By taking a look at these pictures you can guess what to do, easily 🙂

Hijab in Iran is not so strict as it seems to be! Females should cover their head with a scarf and their body must be covered, too. Stylish manteaus and even skinny jeans are allowed. For males, whereas T-Shirts are accepted shorts are not common. Men should wear long pants, but on the beach, they can wear shorts.

Iran Travel Blog

  • Alcohol, drugs, and homosexuality are forbidden in Persia.

Some types of fun are not allowed in Iran! But as you know, always there are some illegal ways to find what you want. So do not bring alcohol and drugs with yourself. Everything is accessible!

Iran Travel Blog

  • No cash is needed during your trip if you use Iran debit card.

As Hi,Deh! provides Iran Tourist Card in addition to the other travel services, you do not need carrying cash money during your trip to Iran. Also, your credit/master cards are not accessible in Iran due to U.S sanctions. You could exchange your cash money when you arrive in Iran (at the start of your trip) by Hi,Deh! to get an Iran debit card in order to have electronic payments during your trip all around Iran. Get more information about  Iranian debit card page.

Iran Travel Blog

  • Buy a prepaid SIM card with data at the first airport.

There are 3 major telecommunications company operating in Iran: MTN Irancell, MCI, and Rightel. Buy a prepaid sim card easily at arrival airport and connect yourself to the world!

As Mobile data is cheap in Iran and the 4G connection is available in many cities, you could easily call your friends and family – sharing your trip experiences, also – while you are exploring Persia. Calling via Whatsapp and Skype is able in Iran.

Since the 4G connection is not available in rural areas and deserts (till now, August 2018), Iran Travel Blog recommends you downloading the map of these areas in the city before getting to the poor-connection areas. Maps. Me App is a good choice for offline navigation during your trip to Persia.

Emergency call numbers

Call these numbers, if needed (with no code): 110 for Police, 125 for Fire department, 115 for Medical emergency. Calling these numbers does not need any SIM card in your cell phone!

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  • Visit the cities of Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz, but do NOT miss experiencing Iran desert accommodation and Iran desert tours.

Whereas most of the tourists using travel agencies’ services, they only visit the major tourist cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz with hotel accommodations, but Iran Travel Blog strongly recommends you experiencing rural and desert areas of Persia with Iran desert accommodations to feel the real local life and get in touch with locals.

Hi,Deh! provides Iran desert tours and accommodations for you, even if you have traveled to Iran by another travel agency. If you like trying such interesting experiences during your trip – even for one night – contact us easily on Whatsapp +98-9905147974

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  • Download some VPNs such as Psiphon, Hotspot and etc.

Some websites and applications are not accessible in Iran, due to some restrictions by the Iran Kingdom! So it is recommended to download some VPNs for your cell phone and laptop. Psiphon, Hotspot, and PureVPN would good choices on your cell phone. Freegate is a good proxy for your laptop. It is better to download these VPNs before entering Iran.

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  • Try Iranian traditional food.

Due to the ethnic/geographic variety, there many types of local food and traditional food in Iran. You could taste every kind of food depending on your destination and your hosts, also. Persian food is so delicious especially if you could be hosted by original locals.

Iran Travel blog suggest you trying Hi,Deh! tours and experiences to taste local food cooked by locals.

Iran Travel Blog

  • Avoid photographing of military and/or governmental organizations.

In Iran – the same as many other countries – there are prohibitions for taking photos of military and some governmental organizations. So, when you want to take any photos pay attention to the subjects around you. But do not afraid! There is no one monitoring you consistently.

Iran Travel Blog

  • Since the weekend (off-day) is Friday, banks and most of the shops are closed.

In Iran, the weekend is a single day (Friday). On Friday, banks, governmental organizations and most of the shops and private companies are closed. In addition, there are some other national religious public holidays that may be important for travelers to Iran. If you are planning to travel to Iran, it is recommended to search “religious holidays in Iran” on Google in order to schedule your trip.

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  • Blowing the nose and spitting on the floor are some kinds of rude in public places.

While these acts are not forbidden by the Iran government, but Persian people do not like them. So it is better to do these in WC.

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  • Learn more about taarof.

It is the most difficult – but not the most important – word for describing in Iranian culture! Iran Travel Blog has nothing to say, more than Wikipedia about taarof. Read more about taarof on Wikipedia and ask some Iranians about it to train you in this way 🙂

Iran Travel Blog

  • Make friends with locals to get invited to their homes.

If you like getting in touch with Persian people as more as possible in addition to trying some Iranian food, Iran Travel Blog strongly recommend you making friends easily with some Persian people in local areas of the cities. Iranian people are usually friendly and welcome tourists well. So, try your chance anywhere you go to Iran to start talking to people and ask them to invite you to their homes even for drinking a cup of tea!

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  • Go shopping in traditional markets to enjoy your travel to Iran.

Due to geographical diversification in Iran, you could easily find every type of nuts and seeds in addition to spices and herbals in bazaars. In some cities (such as Isfahan) the workshops of handicrafts are located in bazaars and you could watch the manufacturing procedure of Persian handicrafts, there. It would be a good idea to buy handicrafts as memorable symbols of your travel to Iran.

Iran Travel Blog

  • In Ramadan month, avoid eating/drinking/smoking in public places.

Yes! Travel to Iran During the holy month of Ramadan (during the day, not at night) drinking, eating, and smoking are not allowed. So care about it in public places. But you may see some Iranian people not paying attention to this important public law!

Iran Travel Blog recommends you watching this video to have an image of Persia in your mind before traveling to Iran:

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3 years ago

Oh, Tnx. Such a useful information. Please write an article about hitchhiking in your country. Is it forbidden?

3 years ago

Your Welcome dear.
Hitchhiking is forbidden in Iran. We strongly recommend you to forget about hitchhiking in Iran.