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Friend’s Home guesthouse is a building with a native architecture of the South in the historic Suza port on the southern coast of the beautiful Qeshm Island. This historic house is a place for tourists to experience the native environment of a relaxed and memorable staying. This amazing place is less than 500 steps away from the sea and it is near to some of the Qeshm Island attractions like Stars valley, Khourbas caves, Naz island, and Hengam island.

This building has two VIP rooms(Wind Towers), and 9 traditional rooms and spaces such as Cactus Garden, Nakhlistan Restaurant, Fantasy Platform, Handicraft Store, Hejle  Photography shop, Traditional living room( and provides a space full of native life to serve the Iranian and foreign guests and tourists.

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We, at Iran travel services (Hi,Deh!) try to provide travelers to Iran with the best itineraries to enable them to enjoy their trip to Persia as much as possible. This causes saving time and money for tourists.

While the page Tips for Tourists to Iran provides you with good information about traveling to Iran, it is recommended to take a look at Iran Travel Blog, too.

Cancellation / Prepayment

If canceled or modified up to 7 days before the date of arrival, no fee will be charged. If canceled or modified later, 50 percent of the first night will be charged. In case of no-show, the total price of the reservation will be charged.

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Pay online via Paypal or Crypto-Currencies. Also, you can order for Iranian debit cards here.


  • Breakfast Included
  • Car hire
  • Restaurant
  • Seating area
  • Shared bathroom
  • Shops
  • WiFi


  • Hormuz Tour

Hormuz is an Iranian island located in the Strait of Hormuz what is famous for the door of the Persian Gulf and the most strategic place for controlling the region but in other hand is the paradise of geological landscapes. In this tour, you will see colorful mountains, sands, and rocks. In one sentence you feel you are in another planet and in additional to see main touristic spots of Hormuz island we will see the different lifestyle there we will eat fresh seafood and enjoy the silence environment.

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  • Qeshm 2 days Tour

since Qeshm island is a big island and there is a lot to see so our team provide a tour which you can see more on this beautiful Iranian island in two days. in addition to see main touristic spots of Qeshm island such as Stars valley,Chahkooh canyon,Mangroves,Khorbass caves,Naz islands, Laft village,  we will go for dolphin watching in the south of Qeshm island near Hengam island and then we have a short trip to Hengam Island to see the beach bazaar where locals sell their handcrafts things . you will enjoy walking throw the largest salt cave in the world  (Namakdan cave) in the south-west of the island and virgin beaches where you can swim in clean ocean.

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  • Qeshm 1 day Tour

In this tour we drive around Qeshm island and  tourists will see the main attractions on the island including (Chahkooh canyon, stars valley, mangroves, caves, Naz islands, old village of Laft, ) also in this tour you will see how people survived using water storage and how to run away from heat by Badgirs (windcatchers) and usually  groups of camels on the street and how Qeshmi women cover their face with traditional mask

There are many activities available on Qeshm Island. contact us for a reservation or book our proposed tours.

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  • Chah Kooh

The wonderful valley of Chah Kooh, that is the result of fault and erosion, this strait is created in a layer of sandstone and cavities, cracks and cuts have been made due to erosion. Among the features of this strait is being impervious and because after raining, water flows on the floor of the strait, the local people have dug wells in the floor and so the name of the strait became Chah Kooh.

  • Do not miss the underwater world

When you go to the island, in addition to dolphins and colored fish, do not miss the underwater world. Go to the north coast. Near the Silver Beach.
And swim in there. Just have glasses for swimming. You will find plenty of interesting creatures underwater near your eyes. In the afternoons and near the Maghreb, the reflow beach is very spectacular and you will see many two biodiverse creatures.

  • Stars Valley

The valley of stars is not simply a location: it is a rare geological phenomenon. Located to the north of Berkeh-ye khalaf village, the valley of stars is five km away from the southern edge of Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf. The beautiful place is their thanks to soil erosion triggered by surface water, torrential rain and high gusts in the area. Locals believe the valley has been named after the falling of a star, centuries ago.

  • Lenj (ship) Building

Lenj, as they are known locally, are mainly used for fishing. Upon entering, you will notice Lenj in different stages of building, from those in the beginning phases that are reminiscent of Noah’s Ark to those set out into the water on their maiden voyage.

There are many activities available on Qeshm Island. contact us for a reservation or book our proposed tours.


WiFi is available in all areas and may be free of charge.


Safe parking is available.


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Qeshm Island

Qeshm IslandWhere is the Qeshm? Qeshm island is The largest island in the Persian Gulf. Qeshm is fringed with biologically diverse mangrove forests, attractive beaches, and 60 Bandari villages. Its sun-scorched interior features geologically significant canyons, hills, caves, and valleys. Most of Qeshm tourism attractions protected as part of the Unesco-recognised Qeshm Island Geopark – bliss

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