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Qeshm Island in Persian Gulf

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Go Somewhere New!

Every year go somewhere new, you have never been before. Qeshm Island, in the south of Iran, is famouse for its natural beauty, and more recently for its designation as a UNESCO Geo-Park.

ChahKouh Valley!

One of the most famous Geosites is “Chahkouh” valley. The amazing rock formations were created by water running through the valley at various speeds, resulting in twisted formations, deep holes, and narrow passages. The valley is a short walk (~500m) from the car parking but wears proper shoes so you can scramble up the steep sides – a good local guide will show you a route to the top where you have an amazing view of the valley, and of the tourists far below. Make sure you drink from the char, a well which has been used by travelers and shepherds for centuries. Read an episodic travel itinerary for 5 days in Qeshm.

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Qeshm Travel – Day 1

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