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Qeshm Island in Persian Gulf

Dubai to Qeshm – No visa!

Qeshm island visa

Since all of tourists like traveling to free-visa destinations, Iran Government is trying to make the procedure of entrance as easy as possible for travelers to Persia (Visa-free travel to Qeshm island of Iran). But if you want to travel to Iran, Iran Travel Blog strongly recommends you check if any document needed, before leaving the origin country for Iran or contact us on Whatsapp +98-9905147974.

If you have traveled to Israel , one year must have be passed from the time that you left Israel.

Americans, Canadians and British people are allowed to enter Qeshm without visa but before arrival should have sent their specifications to the Airport police office to get the acceptance ( does it for you easily).

One of the best – and easiest – ways to enter Iran with no visa, is entering to the free zones, first. We strongly recommend you starting your trip by traveling to Qeshm island (the largest island in Persian Gulf and a UNESCO Global Geopark)

To get to Qeshm Island via Dubai Airport, you can get a 30-day visa on arrival at Qeshm International Airport. This visa is only to visit Qeshm Island and if you want to visit other cities in Iran you need to apply for visa at Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qeshm Island.

How to get Qeshm island

By searching Dubai to Qeshm in Google, you will face this result:

Qeshm island visa
Iran Travel Blog – How to get Qeshm

As you know, there are so many flights from all over the world to Dubai Airport and there is one flight form Dubai (DXB) to Qeshm (GSM) everyday. You can easily buy a ticket and sit in the plane for 40 minutes to discover the unique wonderful island of Qeshm in the heart of middle east in order to meet the locals and visit Qeshm island tourism attractions.

Since food, accommodation and transportation is very cheap in the island, schedule a long stay in any type of accommodation you like (explore Qeshm guest houses). Consider that the cost of living and working in Qeshm is much cheaper than the cost of living in Dubai. You can easily buy some memorable gifts from the locals of Qeshm island for your friends and family 🙂

Qeshm tourist attractions

If you like visiting Dubai attractions, you will definitely like visiting Qeshm attractions, too. To find out Qeshm island tourism potentials and attractions, search Qeshm tourist attractions and explore this UNESCO Global Geopark natural attractions. We present you a brief introduction of the main natural attractions in the heart of middle-east (Qeshm):

The Stars Valley, Chahkouh Canyon, Qeshm Portuguese Castle, Salt (Namakdan) Cave, Hara Forest are some of the most important tourist attractions in Qeshm.

Qeshm Local Costume

Iran Travel Blog suggests you visiting Qeshm local costume to get familiar and meet the locals as much as possible.

Qeshm island attractions videos

source on Youtube 

source on Youtube 

Finally, if you are in Dubai do NOT miss out the opportunity of visiting Qeshm island which only takes 40 minutes by plane!

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