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Iran Travel ServicesDear Friends,

Hi, Deh” is an online platform for Iran traveling services especially, Eco-Rural tourism services in Iran.

Our brand ‘Hi, Deh!’, our company ‘Karafarini Boom Kolbeh Mana’ and our rural entrepreneurship idea has been officially registered and supported by :

Our Team proudly offer and provide the following services for travelers who want to have a different journey :

  • Experience Rural Culture and Lifestyle
  • Communicate with Locals
  • Booking Ecolodges
  • Buying Rural Handmades and Handicrafts
  • Order Local Foods
  • Try Traditional Cuisine
  • Participate in Local /Traditional Events
  • Volunteer Works

Main facilities and more information are available now. If you are interested in our services or have some questions, please get in touch and ask. We will contact you within a short time. We can also help you through your personal and individual travels to Iran if you need any.


Hi, Deh! Team