Qeshm Travel – Day 3

Changing Location! In the last 2 days, I was in Tabl village which is located in the north edge of Qeshm Island. It is near Laft port where I first reached the island through the sea. After eating breakfast with a special local bread called “Tomoshi”, I got ready to change my location to another […]


Qeshm Travel – Day 2

Qeshm Travel Day 2

Good Morning Qeshm Hi, It’s 6:30 A.M, early in the morning, and I have just woke up. I had a long Trip from Isfahan to Qeshm yesterday and really need a neat and cozy guesthouse with clean toilet and bath and of course, warm water! took a shower and got ready for breakfast! Today I […]


Antique cloth and textural tissue museum

An special temporary exhibition in Moghadam Museum, Tehran – This exhibition represents 60 pieces of antique old cloth and textural tissues (woven) showing the power of old Persia in Textile industry. If you are a tourist in Iran, it is recommended to visit this unique exhibition and its memorable museum building, too.     Since there are […]