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Barzok ecolodge in kashan


Barzok ecolodge in kashan, in Isfahan province, is suitable for tourists in any season of the year.
The ecolodge has 5 beautiful old rooms with well-equipped heating and cooling system. You can try delicious local cuisine as well.

Inside the accommodation:

Imagine, you’re sitting next to the local heater and enjoy seeing the snow on mountains and the massive trees through a green wooden window. And you’re sitting drinking a cup of local syrup and talking friendly with friends and family.

The steps down the doorway of the room will take you from the Safavi period with its old vault and beautiful, thatch but fresh walls.

Around the room, you can see the old and fantastic jars, bowls and chambers. A safe and quiet room that has been distant from the outside world. There is another painted room that has windows facing a narrow village alley.

These are not the dreams of a writer of historical novels, but also, are some parts of the beauties of Barzok ecolodge in kashan. And now it has become a residence for travelers who love nature and history to experience a peaceful night of Iranian life. As it was common in distant years in this land.


The fun and exciting activities of this local accommodation include patrol in nature and the Blackberry Festival.

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