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Antique cloth and textural tissue museum

An special temporary exhibition in Moghadam Museum, Tehran – This exhibition represents 60 pieces of antique old cloth and textural tissues (woven) showing the power of old Persia in Textile industry. If you are a tourist in Iran, it is recommended to visit this unique exhibition and its memorable museum building, too.

Since there are some pieces of unique old cloth and textural tissue in this museum that should be kept by special conditions, the exhibition is being held in a short period of time! Do NOT miss it out.

Open: 9 to 16:30 (Sunday to Friday but holidays)

The Exhibition is Open till the end of November 2018, but as I said before that this is a temporary exhibition, it is recommended to call +98-21-66463144 after November to check whether it is open or not.

Moghadam Museum Tehran

This museum is at a historical building belongs to Prof. Mohsen Moghadam (1900 – 1987) who was one of the main founders of College of Fine Arts, University of Tehran.

The building of the museum is very interesting and is about 120 years old. Since this beautiful house was built in Qajar dynasty (Mozaffar ad-Din Shah Qajar), the elements of Qajar art and architecture is clearly visible in the building.

Moghadam museum is located at Imam Khomeini Street, close to Hassan Abad Metro station.

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